Ductile Iron(DI) Spun Pipes

The integrated Greenfield project of Ductile Iron pipe and pig iron unit is a port based facility situated at Samaghogha, Mundra in Gujarat, India, commissioned in 2005. The highlights of our plant are:

  • Port based facility of Ductile Iron pipes located on Western coast of India
  • State of the art facility with latest technology.
  • Installed capacity of 300,000 MT per annum has been enhanced to 500,000 MT per anum by installation of a state of art Small Diameter Plant (SDP), with size range DN 80 – DN 250 along with latest linings /coatings facilities conforming to National/International standards.
  • Backward Integration with own Blast Furnace & Coke Oven facility to produce & provide a continuous supply of pig iron & coke (main inputs in manufacturing of DI pipes).
  • Spread in an area of 225 acres with a work force.of more than 2,600 people.
  • Accredited with ISO 9001, ISO 18001 & Product certification for International standards ISO 2531, BS EN 545, BS-EN- 598 and ISO 7186 by British Standards Institute & Bureau Veritas.

In line with its Vision to serve the global market, Jindal SAW has also acquired a DI pipe manufacturing plant at Sertubi, Italy having installed capacity 80,000 MT per annum. The plant will cater to the requirements of European countries.

The plant has been conforming to various standards like ISO 2531, UNIEN 545 and UNIEN598. It is equipped to provide various coatings such as Zn & Zn-Al Coatings as per National & International Standards and Blue/Red Epoxy or black synthetic paint.

Further, Jindal SAW has installed a Ductile Iron pipe manufacturing plant at Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. This facility is capable to manufacture DI pipes in size range of DN 250 – DN 2200, with an installed capacity of 350,000 MT per annum.

The plant has been conforming to ISO 2531, BSEN 545, BSEN598 and ISO 7186. It also offers various coating facilities like Zn & Zn-Al Coatings as per National & International Standards; Blue/Red Epoxy or Black Bitumen and External and Internal Polyurethane Coatings as per BS EN 15189 and BS EN 15655 respectively for DN 250 to 2200 mm.


In order to further support the requirements of our esteemed customers, Jindal SAW Ltd, is coming up with a largest Ductile Iron Fittings plant in Tembhurni , Solapur Maharashtra , India. The size range for fittings is DN 80 to DN 2200 with annual production capacity of 18000 MT per annum.


The plant is equipped with the desired External Coating and Internal Lining facility as per International standards i.e. BSEN 545 and ISO 2531.  

External Coating               : Bitumen / Fusion Bonded Epoxy

Internal Lining                   : Cement Mortar Lining /  Fusion Bonded Epoxy