Large Diameter Pipes

This Strategic Business Unit (SBU) manufactures and markets large diameter Submerged Arc Welded pipes using U-O-E, J-C-O and Helical process. These pipes are mainly used for energy transportation in oil and gas sector. The size range of the LSAW pipes varies between 16 inches - 56 inches for outer diameter and up to 50.8 mm of wall thickness. For HSAW pipes it varies between 18 inches - 100 inches for outer diameter and wall thickness of up to 25.4 mm. Seven State-of-the-arts, manufacturing facilities have been set up in India to cater to the growing needs of hydro carbon transportation. One at Kosi Kalan in Uttar Pradesh that manufactures LSAW pipes by U-O-E process and also has an anti-corrosion facility, as well as a unit to manufacture Connector Casings and Hot Pulled Induction Bends. To meet the potential export market competitively, the second facility, which is a 100% Export Oriented Unit with two LSAW pipe manufacturing facilities are set up at Nanakapaya, Mundra in Gujarat, situated just 10 Kms from Port Mundra. It's also strategically equipped with an Anti-Corrosion Coating Unit and two modern concrete weight coating facility. The third facility is located at Samaghogha, also in state of Gujarat, with two units to manufacture Helical (HSAW) Pipes and one unit to manufacture LSAW Pipes using J-C-O process. The fourth facility is located at Bellary in the state of Karnataka which manufactures helical (HSAW) Pipes.

The combined installed large diameter pipe manufacturing capacity of these facilities is 1,650,000 MT per annum.

To cater to the North American market Jindal SAW Limited has set up a double jointing and coating facility located at Baytown, Texas in the name of Jindal SAW USA, LLC which is 100% step down subsidiary. Jindal SAW USA LLC was incorporated in United States in the year 2007. This facility has shipping capabilities by Rail, Road and Barges within the North American market. The plant has the manufacturing capacity of 4 million sqmtrs per anum.

Jindal SAW Ltd. is the most experienced longitudinally welded line pipe manufacturer in Asia after Japan. The company's products have found wide acceptance in the markets of Gulf, Middle East, South East Asia and Africa, North America and Latin America with a track record of manufacturing and supplying over 21,049 Kms of Line Pipes, of which more than 12,430 Kms of Line Pipes have been exported to major oil and gas companies across the world.

Jindal SAW Capabilities